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Detention Center

Captain Gary “Bo” Jackson commands the Detention Center. The Detention Center’s function is to receive and process people that are taken into custody. Once a person has been turned over to the jail they are either given an opportunity to post a cash or property bond and be released pending a court hearing or held until the court disposes of their case. Once a person is convicted and sentenced to either county time or state time, they are held until their sentence is served in accordance to law or transferred into a state facility.

The Detention Center has a staff of 23 Detention Officers, 1 Secretary, and 1 Jail Administrator. The Detention Center was built in 2003. The total bed capacity is 170. The Detention Center houses inmates for Wayne County, the City of Jesup, and other out of counties when available. The average daily population is 153 and processes approximately 4,635 inmates per year.

The Detention Center has nurses on staff to provide medical needs to the inmates on an in-house basis. This is cost effective to the county and reduces the security risk of transporting inmates outside the facility unless it is an extreme emergency.

The inmate meals are provided by a contract with a food service company, Valley. Inmates are served a hot breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and a hot dinner.

Captain: Gary “Bo” Jackson – Jail Administrator

Telephone: (912) 427-5975

Fax: (912) 427-5985 

Information on inmates in jail or released from jail 

Contact: (912) 427-5975 Ext 225








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